Special Thanks to Chuck and Lynette Giacinto of Final Quest.

This is Part 2 of an exclusive interview via E-Mail with Kevin Chalfant by Scott Sullivan of the Storm WWW Page.

Q: How did this project, Running With The Wind, come about?

A: I write a lot of songs, and not all of them can be on the Storm's records. This gives me an outlet to expand my horizons. Also, I have had some frustrations in the past with record companies, which is why I have started my own.

Q: Why did you start you new record label, Clique Records?

A: It is the right time. I see so much talent with no outlet. With the internet being available also, it just made a lot of sense.

Q: The Internet has grown so much in the last few years, how far do you think it will go and do you see other artist doing what you have done?

A: Anyone who is successful in this business has to be a survivor and creative. That goes beyond songwriting. So, by becoming a company I can guarantee I won't be dropped for the flavor of the month. And yet, I can help develop other talent and not be limited to one release per year. The internet puts us right in touch.

Q: Have you any other artists in development for future release?

A: Yes! Just finished Patty Jo Timmons country record and working on some Christian pop stuff. More will be announced soon.

Q: I heard that the band owns the rights to the Stormís first album and Eye of the Storm, do you plan on releasing them on the Clique Record label?

A: I would highly doubt it, but there has been no conversations.

Q: Do you plan to tour in support of Running with the Wind?

A: Touring is always based on record sales. Where there are sales, I will likely be. I do miss touring, but it would have to warrant it.

Q: What is the first single from the album?

A: Radio programmers are rsponding to the song "Anywhere The Wind Blows".

Q: Are there any videoís for the album and/or plans to do any?

A: Yes! I am scheduling a release party in November of this year. Our plan is to shoot live video. The date and venue will be announced. I will keep you updated.

Q: What are your favorite tracks from the album and why?

A: I like the songs Save me Tonite, Learning to fly and Love Changes everything. They are fun songs.

Q: Are there any plans for a follow-up record to the "Eye of the Storm" album in the future?

A: Gregg Rolie and I have talked about it, and we would like very much to do that, but that's as far as it is. We would like to see "Eye of the Storm" album released in the United States.

Q: Have the plans for the Storm to tour Japan with warm up dates on the West Coast been finalized?

A: No, not as of yet.

Q: What other types of music are you involved in?

A: Country, Christian pop and rock & roll.

Q: What other singers do you like?

A: I like Paul Rogers, Paul McCartney, Sheryl Crow, Paul Young, Vince Gill, Crystal Lewis, Charlie Peacock, Sarah Mason and Trisha Yearwood.

Q: Who plays on the your solo project?

A: Chester Thompson from Genesis on the drums, Willie Weeks from Wynona on bass, Chaz Sanford on guitar (John Waite and Stevie Nicks) Phil Kenzie on the sax (Rod Stewart) and Matt Rollings (Lyle Lovett) on the piano.

Q: What new bands of the last few years have you liked?

A: I like the bands Collective Soul, Jars of Clay and Leann Rimes.

Q: In 50 years, of all the projects you have done, which one would you like to be remembered for?

A: I hope that people would just remember me as a decent singer and songwriter.

Thanks very much to Kevin for taking the time for this interview, we look forward to more great music from you in the furure. Scott Sullivan of the Storm WWW Page.


Kevin Chalfant's new solo album "Running With The Wind" is now available through CLIQUE RECORDS founded by Kevin Chalfant. There are several sound clips & photos available of the new album & of the studio.