Special Thanks to Chuck and Lynette Giacinto of Final Quest.

This is an exclusive interview via E-Mail with Kevin Chalfant of the Storm by Scott Sullivan of the Storm WWW Page.

Q. How is your solo project coming along?

A. I have 8 songs completed. I am currently seeking a label to release it in the U.S. I am considering releasing it myself over the net.

Q. Who plays on your solo album and did any members of the Storm make a guest appearence?

A. Some wonderful musician friends have helped me to complete the record. Chester Thompson (Genesis) played the drums, Willie Weeks (Wynonna) played the bass, Chas Sandford (John Waite) played guitar and co-produced it with me. Phil Kenzie (Rod Stewart) played sax, Matt Rollings (Lyle Lovett) on piano, Dennis Matkowski on Hammond B3 and a cast of other very skilled and highly talented artist helped. Davis Leonard (John Mellencamp, Toto, etc) Engineered.
No one from the Storm played on this album, I felt like this was to see who I am as an individual. So many people constantly compare me with Steve Perry and this album was designed to define the differences between us. We are similar in some ways, but I wanted to make a clean break from the Journey connection for a brief visit in solo land.

Q. How did you get involved with the Final Quest project as Producer?

A. We met several years ago when Chuck and Lynette asked me to produce their first album. We made a very low budget album that they used in their ministry to young kids. We then were approached by a Christian Label from Chicago called Paradigm and now we are making their first major album project. We are recording the album in my home studio (The Powerhouse) and we hope to have it completed by fall. You can't rush a good thing!

Q. What do you think of the Storm WWW Page?

A. I am very happy that you guys have taken it upon yourselves to support our careers this way. Just remember that this is a heavy responsibilty and should not be taken lightly. What you say and do reflect our character and we shouldn't be compromised. So far, so good! Keep up the great work!

Q. What other bands have you played in?

A. Many, Many, Many. 707, Steel Breeze, VU, Fortran and Blue Collar Band,... also "The Beatles", "The Rolling Stones", ... just seeing if you're paying attention on the last two. :)

Q. What are your future plans for the Storm?

A. We are working on a possible Japanese Tour for the end of the year with some West Coast dates to warm up. Looking forward to starting the 3rd Storm record soon and the 2nd album will be out as soon as these record people muster up all their courage. You see, they all fear their jobs! No one wants to be the one who took a chance, but when it's a huge success they ALL take the credit! We only want to do it right because that is the ONLY way to do it!

Q. Is there a new album for the Storm in the works and, if so, have you started working on any new songs?


Q. How did you get your start in music?

A. I loved to sing in the shower.

Q. How did the band get its name "The Storm"?

A. It was inspired by a California flood in 1991.

Q. What do you think of the internet and all the new ways to reach out to the fans?

A. Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful!

Thanks Kevin for taking the time for this interview, we look forward to more great music from you in the furure. Scott Sullivan of the Storm WWW Page.