Eye of the Storm The Storm, Eye of the Storm

The Storm returns with their second album chock full of engergetic rock. Featuring: Gregg Rolie (Journey, Santana, Abraxas Pool), Ross Valory (Journey, Steve Miller), Ron Wikso (Foreigner, Cher), Kevin Chalfant (707, Steel Breeze) and Josh Ramos (Velocity)

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Don't Give Up
Waiting For The World To Change
I Want To Be The One
To Have And To Hold
Livin' It Up
Love Isn't Easy
Fight For The Right
Give Me Tonight
Soul Of A Man
What Ya Doing Tonight?
Come In Out Of The Rain
Long Time Coming
Gregg Rolie (keyboards / vocals)
Kevin Chalfant (vocals)
Ron Wikso (drums)
Ross Valory (bass)
Josh Ramos (guitars)

Produced by Nigel Green, The Storm & Bob Marlette
Engineered by Nigel Green
Second Engineers Neil King & Eric Cast
Recorded at Fantasy Studios
Mixed at Battery Studios
Mastered by Ted Jensein
Mastered at Sterling Sound

Seattle, WA - After laying low for a while, The Storm returns to the music scene with a new album entitled Eye Of The Storm (released on March 24, 1998 on Miramar Recordings).  "Miramar is diversifying into the rock arena," commented Tom Mehren, director of sales and marketing for Miramar Recordings, "and this record definitely fits that demographic." The Storm is led by Gregg Rolie, co-founder of both Santana and Journey, two of the most successful bands in rock history.  In founding The Storm, he teamed up with Kevin Chalfant after meeting him at a San Francisco 49er's football game.  Together, they began writing songs for the first album. Eventually, a record contract was secured, three more musicians were enlisted, and their first album was released.  It yielded two Billboard charting singles and went near gold in sales. Their new album, Eye Of The Storm, is composed of intense guitar tracks, a lot of rhythmic punch, and the unusual but powerful line-up of two male lead singers whose voices compliment each other perfectly while remaining distinct. On this energetic but soulful album, The Storm simultaneously displays their rock and roll passions and their calm recording studio mastery that so easily gets away from less capable musicians.  The album opens with "Don't Give Up," a powerful rock anthem loaded with thick harmonies and a catchy chorus that sets an upbeat motivational theme for the rest of the album.  Other highlights inlcude "Waiting For The World To Change," a song of hope that reflect a refreshing, positive message for the 90's, and "Livin' It Up," a fun, supercharged pop tune that sarcastically pokes fun at an irresponsible generation.  With lively music and memorable melodies that will keep listeners humming along, The Eye Of The Storm is a great album.       

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