ALBUMS: THE STORM - EYE OF THE STORM (A+) Music For Nations, 1995

While we all sit around waiting for the Journey reunion album, this should more than satisfy your tastebuds. And, it's a great album in it's own right. The Storm have concocted one of the most perfect AOR albums of the last few years, and let me go out on a limb here and say that this album also stands it's ground with just about anyone, including Journey themselves. "Don't Give Up" kicks things off, and simply put, is a track of immense proportions. And it's a song I guarantee you will not get out of your head for weeks. "Waiting For The World To Change" and "To Have And To Hold" are classic epic ballads, where singer Kevin Chalfant really shines. "Love Isn't Easy" (my personal favorite - with one of those classic Rolie/Chalfant exchanges) and "Come In Out Of The Rain" are great summertime songs, both with chugging melodic riffs (courtesy of current Velocity guitarist Josh Ramos), and could (and should) be monster radio hits with any backing. Even their throw-away filler is a notch above the rest. "Livin' It Up", which reminds me of "In The Raw" (from their debut) could've been left off and I'd never miss it but it's over soon enough and the album picks right back up where it left off. You know, I could go on about this album the entire issue, so if you buy only one AOR album this year...make it this one!

Reprinted from SFK (Strictly For Konnisseurs) online Music Magazine